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KFC with GoT: “Every F###ing Chicken in this Room Deal!”

KFC with GoT: “Every F###ing Chicken in this Room Deal!”


Part of the success enjoyed by Game of Thrones was its innovative use of brands endorsements. What, did you think it got by by strong writing alone? Read More →

Agents Provocateurs

Memories of a One-Horse Town

Memories of a One-Horse Town

The little hamlet of Greyton, an hour outside Cape Town, isn’t known as a centre of learning. Few of the day-trippers who arrive in town… More →

HANNIBAL ELECTOR: They didn’t kill Kenny Kunene

HANNIBAL ELECTOR: They didn’t kill Kenny…

If it is true that a country gets the politicians it deserves, then ladies and gentlemen: Kenny Kunene! His Patriotic Alliance Party lurks on the… More →

World’s Top Sports Scientists Collaborate To Keep Pistorius Hydrated

World's Top Sports Scientists Collaborat…

Off The Record has learned hush-hush and on the QT from several reliable sources that Oscar Pistorius has hired a team of sports medical specialists to… More →

The Dominatrix of Suburbia

The Dominatrix of Suburbia

The first thing you noticed about the young woman on her balcony across the road was that she was mostly naked. A black, translucent veil-like… More →

Elections, Semantics and Cellphone Etiquette

Elections, Semantics and Cellphone Etiqu…

The DA sent an SMS saying that Msholozi stole the Nkandla moola and you must vote DA to get it back. The ANC should just… More →

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Sexiest Man in Politics : Tim Harris on The Anne Hirsch Show

Anne Hirsch gets her hands and arms and torso all up in… More →

Who Makes These Twitter Rules?

In politics, power is everything. It determines who and how one rules.… More →

SA Justice System Needs To Grow Some Balls

The sole purpose of the justice system is to restore righteousness and… More →

Media24 Owes The Black Majority A Big Apology!

Have any of you ever read the Daily Sun and how many… More →

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