Reverse Apartheid Now!

The truth is white people would have ended apartheid 10 years earlier if we had just called ourselves ‘Rhinos’.

Don’t get me wrong; I love rhinos, and white people. But let’s get honest, melanin-deficient comrades included, white people still own just about everything except the government and Muvhango, and change often happens on their own terms. So what the frik is ‘reverse apartheid’?

Two weeks ago on LNN I interviewed the DA shadow minister of police, the queen of 80’s haircuts, Dianne Kohler Barnard. For the record, she is a DA member without fleas. Nice lady, but a bit mal. She believes we shouldn’t have quotas in Affirmative Action. Obviously when the DA makes tea they don’t stir. They just put the sugar in and hope. I am sure Ms Kohlernoscopy Barnard has a Rottweiler in her garden whose teeth have been removed, and that just sucks everyone away.

The problem when you talk about this kak is that right wing lunatics don’t know how to separate their racism from their economics. There is nothing wrong with white people. White people are just black people who are slowly realizing it. We must hug them. Unless you are Tiger Woods, because he will try have sex with you.

As I say, just wait until Msholozi finds out that white women don’t charge lobola. The coloured population of the country will triple… Although the problem with Lady Gaga is she’d just wear the lobola.

Come on pink pals, you are earning on average 6 times what black people earn, and have been doing so for generations. This didn’t happen because you are cleverer than us… Ja, we have seen 7de Laan. This didn’t happen because you were more deserving than us. It happened because some ous moered the hell out of us.

If we used Kohler Barnard’s logic then lazy men would never do the dishes. The dishes would just sit there until they do themselves. Kohler Barnard’s kids must love her, unless they are black.

A few backwards cavemen, escaped from the back of Dr Phillip Tobias’ bakkie shout “no, bloody hell man, its reverse racism man”. Are you stupid? Reverse racism? If you were any more illogical Jacob Zuma would use you for bond registrations (did he get compound interest?). Let’s be clear: the system was invented to back up white privilege. This system is still there. The majority in any boardroom or executive suite is just about always white.

The people who hire and fire are still mostly white. If you are white your chances in life are ridiculously better than for the average black South African. I don’t care if you worked your privileged little ass off, or if you only arrived in SA yesterday. Yes, this is a blanket statement. If that is upsetting, shame.

Sure, you probably applied for a job or two and never got it. Imagine that that happened to your great-grandparents, your grandparents, your parents AND to you. That’s what its like for most black people. So white people complaining about affirmative action is like Khulubuse Zuma complaining they gave him Canderel. Suck it up.

Ok, now the cavemen bras reading this are getting all sweaty: “but look at all these loaded BEE types, china”. They are a tiny, miniscule minority. Affirmative action and what we usually call BEE are two completely different things (unless you understand BBBEE, but we usually don’t).

What you are doing is like saying: ‘I don’t know why disabled people get all the privileges, Oscar Pistorius is fine’. Obviously I am not saying black people are disabled, unless you are Floyd Shivambu. The only thing that’s easy for Oscar Pistorius is shoe shopping.

So, ous who cry “reverse apartheid”, please be honest: you want to maintain the unequal status quo. Rather call it “continue apartheid”, because if you actually wanted to reverse apartheid you’d embrace Affirmative Action like it’s a presidential niece in a kanga and baby oil.

Chester Missing is a political analyst on Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola on eNCA and etv.

  • Rob

    Ag Chester, if you didn’t already have a white guy up there…

  • Rob

    Ag Chester, if you didn’t already have a white guy up there…

  • Jacques Marneweck

    It’s not reverse racism its just racism You can cover it up put it in a bow and poor sugar on it. A race based law stays a race based law. In other words it is a racist law.The old NP party also made apartheid seem fair and equal buy saying it is to prevent communism and racial violence.Buy saying a race based law is good now is like saying apartheid was the best thing that ever happened. And the other point you made about most CEO’s are still white. That’s like white’s, Indian and colored people complaining that there are no king in Africa that repentance their race in the Zulu kingdom..

    • Marlon Fungai Murahwa

      Affirmative action is racist by nature but it is racist in order to correct a prior racism so I agree. Complaining that most CEO are white is valid because the vast majority of the population is black so by any form of analysis it goes without saying that something wrong happened to have it that way. White people can’t complain about not having a King in the Zulu kingdom because being a King is a birth right and being a CEO is a position that anyone should aspire to.

      • Jacques Marneweck

        Being a CEO is earned. Nobody should get a job or earn a right based on the color of their skin. Do you think its good for anybodies mindset knowing that a better candidate was not picked because he was not the right color?

        Remember every time somebody comes in power that did not earn it. Its not about that 1 guy that did not get the job its about the hundreds or even thousands that looks at that person for leadership that gets punished.They will be the first to suffer for his mistakes.

        Should America reduce the amount of black MBA players as it does not represent the correct racial diversity?

        Or should we live in a world where people don’t get judge by the color of their skin?

        When I heard Obama became president I was not happy because his father was black but that it proved that the world has matured to the point that you don’t have to represent the majority but what the best.

        • Marlon Fungai Murahwa

          You miss the point completely nobody is made CEO because they are black at the very worst they are made CEO because they are the black suitable candidate which is not the same thing at all. For example (please note example is to illustrate not to actually state that this is what happened) the CEO of FNB is white his boss the CEO of First Rand Bank is black the boss may have been selected because he is black and may have even beaten Michael Jordaan because of affirmative action but that doesn’t mean his organization will suffer or that he is not good enough to lead the 1000s of First Rand Employees because the very fact that he was in the running means he is good enough to be CEO. What affirmative action seeks to do is to change the statistics by forcing you to choose the black instead of the white guy in making that appointment not by saying you must go find some token domestic and make him the CEO of a multinational. Its not the appointment of people for the sake of being black its the appointment of blacks for the sake of the stats. You see in the past when there were 2 suitable employees for a anything the white guy was chosen so in order for us to live “in a world where people don’t get judge by the color of their skin” everyone must have en equal footing i.e. either 1 of 2 things must happen either everyone should be forced to marry inter-racially and hence everyone is colored or the stats and opportunities for all races must be the same I personally don’t think it is possible to achieve equality for all races because every corrective measure has to be racist in order to work and by that fact whomever is the victim at the time (Michael Jordaan in our example) would have been denied an opportunity based on race but unless thats stats are perfectly balanced we will not be living “in a world where people don’t get judge by the color of their skin” but simply a world where the judgement was carried out long ago and the sentence is ongoing and blanket for all. So in conclusion I would say that short of Zuma telling me I have to marry a white woman, affirmative action may not be perfect but its the best solution we have right now.

          • Jacques Marneweck

            Let me make a relevant point. How good was apple doing? how good is apple doing? A CEO should not be picked by the color of his skin. If a black guy is the he should be in charge but the same must be for a white yellow brow red or whatever color you are. Jobs and success is depended on the CEO more then any other person in the company. picking somebody that is just slightly less skilled means hundreds if not thousands of jobs that hang in the balance.

            I think you are missing the point of the damage this causes that people lose their lively hoods because the wrong people are put in power thanks to the color of their skin and family ties.

            Need some nice local history look at “aurora gold mine” thousands of jobs lost.

            Thousands of families lost their means to feed themselves because race was put ahead of qualification.

            this whole system cuts the heads of thousands so 1 may be given a position they do not deserve.

          • Marlon Fungai Murahwa

            That is certainly a valid point but we cannot especially in the Aurora case simplify the problems faced by companies to simply which candidate was chosen as CEO. In reference to affirmative action it is not actually about 1 person or position it is about executives as a whole the statistics as I mentioned so really we are looking at whole directorships and if 60% of the people eligible for positions of the executive are less competent than the other 40% the ship is going to sink in any case. Your example of Apple is an excellent example of how leadership is not only about the person but the surrounding circumstances. In Apple’s history a key point in its rise was the firing of Steve Jobs. Had Jobs not been fired he would not have left and started NeXT and both Apple and Jobs would not be where they are/were in history. My point is that business is tumulus in nature no matter what direction you take but in South Africa we are faced with a problem of one of the most uneven societies in the world were the average white family has 6 times the resources of the average black family and not to say that there aren’t poor whites and Khulubuses but the vast majority of this is based on racial lines because of a system and the only way it can be corrected is systematically. If it is not corrected we will ALL be doomed – let me explain the problem with our system is that it is based on demand and supply and revolves around money as legal tender this means that if you want something someone else must supply it and you must pay for it. If however 1 of these things is not there the system collapses e.g. ZIMBABWE now in SA unlike up north the problem is not either the supply or the availability of currency the problem is that the demand is higher than the flow of currency because 75% of the wealth is controlled by a few. Without systematic correction this gap continues to grow concluding in goods that are too expensive for millions of people to buy and are owned by a minor few – as this happens by the way more and more white homes fall through into the poor category and less and less people are rich enough to afford goods. Now in SA’s case the powers that be know that this is the case in fact affirmative action both BEE and BBBEEE were 1st introduced by big business because their economists understand that without them the economy over 20 – 30 years spirals out of control and leads to either violent uprisings e.g. Egypt or Revolution e.g. Russia so it’s not really a moral argument in an ideal world SA wouldn’t need affirmative action but until a better plan is made it is necessary at the very least.

          • Jacques Marneweck

            I like you argument. Its not that I don’t believe their must not be BEE but I think the way we practice it is wrong. The focus is to give the youth an edge. Example:Full scholarships. and more intern jobs. Making it easier for the youth to get those high paying jobs. These families where 15 year olds are the heads where both parents have died or left or are to sickly must get empowered. their are ways that BEE can be implemented without it running the risk of SA shooting itself in the leg by not having the cream of the crop as our leaders.

            I must say our BEE is was and will be always superior in all ways to Zim’s. The Africans their has less freedom and a chance of success then then the people in SA.
            zim;s for of BEE was economic suicide ours is more like a limp we can live with it but we wont be blowing anybody away.

            BEE’s focus must be on empowering the middle class not giving people that have not earned the privilege to lead.

            Every body has the right to show their talents and live a happy productive right but leadership is a privilege. A privilege that should always be reserved for the best person for the job.
            As its not about him making money but him leading others to success.

            lets compare it to a race. BEE should make sure all start from the same line with the same training an equipment.

            ATM its more like at the end of the race u finished 2nd but you can be proud of it, and then being handed the gold medal and u take it with shame.

            The 1 that won feels cheated the crowed will boo the one that came in second that has received the gold. He feels like his honer was stolen from him that he cant be proud of his accomplishments.

            This is the point I tried to make earlier in regards to the Damage BEE can do to even the person that benefits from it.

  • Darrell Lush

    Just some questions that I’d like Chester Missing to try and answer with honesty. Some ou’s have only being moering you for a ridiculously short period of time in the bigger scheme of things. Why then, is it that the white man crawled out of his cave long before you black okes did and why did he go about creating stuff before you even discovered fire and the wheel. Why is it that we whites are not the exploited ones? Why did the black man not advance as quickly as the white man, yet still claim to have been around longer in terms of history? Sies Chester…take a closer look at yourselve before blaming the white man for all your hardships. You allowed yourself to become exploited and you allowed youself to be technologically overwhelmed. Just read your history to ascertain the facts….but I guess you, being just as smart as white people never considered world domination…after all a bow and arrow is no match for an ICBM……now be a good boy and go find out what an ICBM is.

    • Marlon Fungai Murahwa

      Darrell you are extremely uneducated and have just let down whites badly 1. Please get your facts straight all men came from Africa so who ever you are referring to in terms of crawling out caves was either black or looked like an Ape. 2. Egyptians and Ethiopians had math, pi and aqueducts 5000 years before British and French men stopped sleeping with their sisters and worshipping snake eaters (thats a fact!) 3. Most of the invention before 1100 AD occurred in the East not the West. 4. As Chester points out the difference and the basis of apartheid was the fact that whites left Europe and came here with guns that were invented by Chinese men and used them shoot blacks and take over the country so don’t start telling us it was some other brilliant streak of invention that culminated in some type of white actualization – it wasn’t it was simple there were a bunch of opportunist white people that came to Africa and shot the hell out of some guys with spears which in my culture is known as EVIL!!!

  • fancyness5

    darrel u seem to be missing the point chester is tryna make in his colum here.the backlog of apartheid is too wide.How can u even say that we allowed ourselves such exploitation and oppression?so ur basically saying had Madiba not forgiven the apatrtheid government and opted for peace then yall (whites) would hv allowed urselves the exploitation too?

  • Rachel

    As a middle class white woman, I agree with MOST of what Chester is saying. Most.

    I feel the black argument is to “other” white people as alien to Africa. Like black people have some greater claim to being “South African” than we do.
    This is a fallacy.
    Most black tribes moved into South Africa from the north. So did we.. we were just much further north and arrived by boat.
    But Chester my brother, you and I were born here the same.
    We have different surnames and parents, but the colour of my skin doesn’t make me less African.
    I pay the taxes you do. We went to the same school (in fact you probably had a better white collar school upbringing than my Plumstead high) my point is that we are all working TOGETHER for a brighter future for OUR country. You didn’t get here first. I’m like 3 years older than you friend. So technically i got here first :P

    I believe if our country adopted my attitude and saw our country the way I do.. not Black vs White vs Indian vs coloured vs quarter Asian etc, but rather as “South Africans” working together for all our best interests, then we’d already have a brighter future.

    • Marlon Fungai Murahwa

      Black people are not more South African than you in fact the whole point of affirmative action is black people trying to be as South African as you are. I think people should understand that we are all the same the difference is that some people benefited unfairly and now everyone has to do the same ie benefit unfairly in order for us all to be on an equal footing. It is wrong when blacks talk about South Africa as though they are more entitled to it.

  • Leigh Van Niekerk

    Reverse apartheid – stupid concept. Ridiculous to compare decades of oppression to an unfavourable job market. Small problem with BEE being applied via quotas – quotas lend themselves to blind application; i.e. someone getting the job because they are black and not because they are the best person for the job. Ironically, it is often whites who think blacks are “all the same” who are most guilty of this practice.
    What we need is more blacks who have the skills to do the job. Maybe BBE quotas are better applied to education (right from the bottom up) than to business. At the very least, you can’t have the latter without the former.
    But perhaps it suits the powers that be for the majority of the populace to remain uneducated. As the Skunk Anansi song goes: “We love your apathy.”

    Just a thought.

  • Darrell Lush

    Fancyness…rather read my post again…I’m referring to black people allowing themeselves to become exploited long before apartheid was invented. At some point in history, the black man succcumbed to white dominance…this happened long before apartheid was even dreamed up…

    • Zukisa Prince

      Your knowledge is limited. If you really knew history, you wouldn’t be saying that

  • Ken J Lancaster

    I have recently started following you on twitter and enjoy what you have to say so maybe will continue to read your stuff. I live in BC Canada and you, no doubt, would be amazed to learn that apartheid is alive here which is a great shame because I left SA due to apartheid, the Nationalist Government and my family who left for better lives in UK and now in Canada. South Africa is a beautiful country with lovely people and it would be a shame if it was ruined by politics and greed. Best wishes, Ken

  • Ken

    But surely black people would like to know they got a job because they deserved it? Not because the company hadn’t filled its black people quota for the day?

    • Marlon Fungai Murahwa


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