We’re Hate Junkies and the Press is our Dealer

By Chester Missing December 13, 2012

Chester Missing

Millions on brand building and security but nobody has the balls to teach Msholozi to adjust his glasses with another finger.

Because there is some bastard journalist who wants to make gat of him. Making the president look dof sells thousands of newspapers.

In fact right now if an SABC newsreader sneezes, the print media will say it’s a pro-Zuma allergy. Get real media morons. We are hate junkies and the press is our dealer.

Jacob Zuma is a very easy target, largely through his own doing.  I mean, with just a few days to Mangaung South Africans are suspecting the President might sneak in one last wedding before then. For luck. Ja, we must respect his culture, but seriously, I don’t think Dingaan borrowed money from an Indian ou to pay for his wife’s house.

The ANC will rightly argue that this obsessive focus on the president is malicious – the ANC makes decisions as a collective. But, dear ANC, if you really are a collective decision making body like you claim, why you spending R248 million on just one guy’s house?

You’d never put the kid who spends ALL his pocket money on chappies and chips in charge of the piggy bank. So, why you guys got Msholozi? Right now you might be thinking, ‘ja, our president is an idiot, and all those ANC ous are corrupt’. Even Zwelinzima Vavi this week pointed out that 20% of the government’s procurement budget was lost on corruption.

He’s right. A politician with a tender is like a paedophile with a school teaching job. But we still lost in our own kak. Here’s why.

Steven Friedman, SA’s hairiest political analyst, said in Business Day this week that in the media being positive about the ANC is uncool. Things are just easier if you diss the ruling party. It’s like having a shiny suite in Polokwane. Being pro ANC in SA’s mainstream media is like admitting you are a Justin Bieber fan. It’s something the media cool kids rather you keep to yourself.

As Friedman points out, despite the pessimism we are fed, the ANC does have some successes: e.g. housing, social grants, HIV stuff. If you ask a journalist, they’ll act innocent, like a prom queen with a pregnancy test.

But they know, at edit time, that their editor will put the Zuma glasses zap sign picture on first. I have yet to see the press choose a picture of Tina Joemat-Pettersson where she doesn’t look like a fish. Even Hugh Grant would amazed by how often the press show her with her mouth open.

It doesn’t help, as that bra Adriaan Basson from City Press will tell you, that the ANC themselves have double standards with the media. One minute they hating the media, next they’re leaking to it…

Like old men with incontinence. You either can’t leak, or you leak too much.The problem is that we have this simplistic idea we got from apartheid: the state bad, the independent media good.

South Africans must get honest.

The middle class, the ous with most power to consume media, and who own most of the actual newspapers/radio stations, will buy whatever confirms their prejudice.

They’re like Steve Hofmeyr fans. If I am pissing you off right now, and you are thinking of writing a hate comment at the end of this… then thanks, you just proved my point. So, when you listening to all the kak the media is going to say about Mangaung, remember what the angry little puppet guy said.

And remember, no matter how dof you think President Jacob Zuma is, the world’s most powerful democracy elected George W. Bush.



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