Guy Who Bought “Joke” Valentine’s Gift Suddenly Single

By ZANEWS February 15, 2017

dumped man

Turns out writing her sister’s name on the label wasn’t actually hilarious

DURBAN – When Ash Pillay decided to give his girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift with a twist, he let his imagination run wild. Unfortunately, it ran to a deep dark place, which involved labelling her gift as if it was for her sister.

“She once caught me looking at a picture of her sister online while I was masturbating, and so she developed this totally insane idea that I was into her sister,” Pillay says. “Just cos I occasionally call out her name during sex, and joke with her dad that I am going to ask his permission to marry one of his daughters soon – but which one!”

Pillay pauses to laugh at his own joke. His girlfriend maintained that this was the last straw, and kicked him out of the flat they share together. “Typical woman, absolutely no sense of humour,” Pillay moans. “It’s actually not surprising at all that she’s single.”


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