Forgetting Valentines

Forget LOL’ing this weeks podcast will make you want to LMVTU – Lag My Voor Tande Uit. Indonesia tries to ban Valentine’s Day, because they hate fun almost as much as they hate teenagers. JZ tries to describe the state of the nation, but the nation’s in a state about who wore what to the political red carpet. And the Gupta’s launch a new channel AllJaZuma… Or something.

The Week That Wasn’t was recorded live on the Redi Thlabi show on 702 and Cape Talk.

Download the Podcast below.


By Nik Rabinowitz

Nik Rabinowitz This Jewish, Xhosa-speaking, lower Plumstead comedy phenomenon is a long-time ZA News family member. He’s inhabited Tutu and various other puppets from the start. We feature Nik’s highly popular “The Week that Wasn't” podcast right after it's aired on radio 702 and 567 every Friday. Follow him on Twitter @nikrabinowitz

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