Angry Letter to Zuma, in Song: “Mr President” by Vice V

By ZANEWS April 23, 2014

“Mr President, this is for the people who you’re tryna fool… This is for the cronies who admire you … Have you heard the rumours, they say Zuma is a criminal … Zuma must go … I can see the people on the streets, calling for your head, calling for your defeat.”

Have you heard Vice V yet? Before we tell you that his music is pretty great, let us paint some context: his real name is Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh and he’s the son of Dali Mpofu – the EFF’s Gauteng premier candidate.

In his chilling new song, Mr President, he addresses Jacob Zuma directly and blatantly calls out what our very own president has done during his rule. Spoiler – they’re not very nice things. Vice V lists and rhymes past news headlines which include corruption, traitorship, the Guptas, Marikana, Nkandla, his dismissive view of women… “Where do you run when the president is a thief … You killed the ANC. The struggle has been beheaded and just how many friends’ daughters have you bedded?”

Mr President is a remix of Tunisian rapper EL General’s song Rais Lebled, which has been labelled as an anthem of the Tunisian revolution. He wrote the song between Zuma’s lack of due sensitivity over Marikana, and the surfacing of the Public Protector’s report.  “When I conceived the song,” Mpofu-Walsh says, ” I wanted it to sound like a theme song for the South African Mubarak moment.”

Listen to Vice V’s track here or head over to his Sound Cloud account, and share it. This a concise, on-point message with a strong political call to action and a warning against apathy.  As he says,  let’s see an uprising in South Africa, rather than having to wait “another decade for accountability and justice.”

Click the player above, and have a listen. It’s not just politically poignant, it’s actually a really catchy, bad-ass tune. 








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