Nkandla Makeover – Exclusive ZANEWS Inspection Tour

Zuma Residence March 2012

We have special ZANEWS Agents everywhere including the rolling hills of Nkandla where President Zuma has just finished refurbishing his compound with your money (around R200 million of it). Technically-speaking we could consider this The People’s Resort and we thought you’d really like to see what you’ve paid for. We would also like to suggest that we nationalise Nkandla in the near future for the benefit of all South Africans. Enjoy the tour.

This 2009 (above) photograph reflects pretty much what President Zuma had to endure as premier of KZN. The original house was reputedly a gift from prominent Indian businessman, Vivian Reddy. The only addition during his years as Deputy President years was a security fence (note the garbage refuse collection area in the lower corner).

And now for the Big Reveal as they say in the porn industry. Below is His Majesty’s New Compound taken in March 2012. The snapshot isn’t an entirely accurate reflection of the real size and scale of Xanadu. It has since spread around the hill to the left and right and above.

To the left is an Aventura-type resort development with about 28 cottages. At the top of the hill is a heliport and high-fenced area which appears to tennis court but isn’t, and then round the corner on the right are a few double storey block buildings. A new security fence has greatly extended the property and given the Zuma’s quite an enviable vegetable garden at the bottom.

For future timeshare options please consult the Citizen’s Handbook known as The Constitution of South Africa.