Capetonians Plan Cexit Before Summer Influx of Gautengers

By ZANews June 24, 2016


Organisers hope for a quick referendum process

CAPE TOWN – Inspired by Britain’s Brexit vote, a group of Capetonians calling themselves Better Than Whole (BTW) are campaigning for a Cexit – or Cape Exit – from South Africa.

According to BTW spokesperson Stephanie Green, Cape Town would just be better off emotionally without the whole rest of the country to deal with. “Plus we can charge a fortune when they apply for visas for their summer holidays in the Cape”.

Cexit already has a trendy website, a meaningful song, and a solid hashtag. BTW are also subtly referencing that the move would help keep those Eastern Cape “refugees” out, but definitely not in a racist way.

For the purposes of Cexit, Cape Town obviously includes the wine route and Hermanus, although they remain undecided about the West Coast.

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