Nobody Entirely Sure If Anyone Is In Charge of Anything

By ZANEWS May 17, 2017

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Who is running Eskom, the SABC, and South Africa?

JOHANNESBURG – With Brian Molefe’s status in the air, and the acting SABC chair no longer the acting SABC chair, but apparently due to shortly once again be the acting chair, the country has lost track of whether or not anyone is in charge of anything anymore. “We definitely hope that people are!” says Roles and Responsibilities Minister Hardus Neethling. “That would be really wonderful.”

Neethling says he used to know exactly who was in charge of everything, and made sure that information trickled down to the public. But ever since the reshuffles began, and the use of deployees and redeployees, and everyone began acting – well, he’s completely lost track. “I blame a lot of it on Hlaudi,” Neethling says, “Nobody ever knew when or if he was actually employed. Then there was that Fransman chappie. But now…your guess is as good as mine.”

While the country continues to function valiantly, despite not getting much in the way of leadership, Neethling is trying to pick up the pieces. “We plan on making new nameplates for people’s doors,” he says, “I find those help immensely.” What more could we possibly need?