Overweight Woman Lauded With Praise For Having the Bravery to Step Outside Her House

By ZANEWS January 24, 2018


Against all odds, one bold woman lights the way

Cape Town-  Carol Herbert was met with loud applause from the streams of strangers outside of her door this morning. Songs of praise echoed around the big boned woman when she dared to leave the house to complete some daily chores. Her bravery will be rewarded with the a medal from the mayor and several have offered over their Pick ‘n Pay SmartShopper points.

Rumours that Herbert was happily going about her life seemingly unconcerned about her figure had spread far and wide. “Her courage inspires me, now women as big as a size 38 can dare to be bold,” neighbour Jo-Ann February was heard saying.

“I love REAL women with REAL features, none of this Kardashian people,” onlooker Charles Hudson, a man who resembled a chewed leather slipper, kept exclaiming, to anyone who would listen. He was drowned out by the polite ululation of those around him, including a group of elderly speedwalkers who were just “joining in for some excitement.”

“Why are all these people here,” Carol Herbert was heard muttering as she stood bewildered in her garden.

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