Brian Molefe Hopes Bakesale and Lemonade Stand Will Raise R11 Million

By ZANEWS January 25, 2018

bake sale

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, show some love!”

JOHANNESBURG – Although he isn’t the most famous person to be asked to pay back the money, Brian Molefe may have shed a tear over the court’s ruling that he repay R11 million within ten days. “That’s not even a day per million!” Crisis Resolution Guru, Shonday Epps, pointed out. Epps has nobly stepped forward to try and help Molefe raise the required money.

“The first thing I said to Brian was CUPCAKES! People love cupcakes. They’re totally huge right now. I mean, some people say they’re so last year, but they’ve come back now, it’s this year, it’s 2018!” Epps gushed. The “Prevent Molefe From Crying Again” trust will be operating a bakesale, and hope their products sell like hotcakes.

The range for sale includes an amusing “Gravy Train Cake”, as well as some cinammon “reBUNdancies”. Alongside the cakes, volunteers are working hard to make lemonade from the lemons they’ve been given. They plan to call around to politicians asking them to come and make a purchase to support their fallen comrade. “A lot of politicians are very thirsty, so let’s hope they take the bait!” Epps added.

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