The End?

By ZANEWS May 4, 2017

Since 2009, ZANews has proudly been diving headlong at the news, week after week. We’ve satirised the rise and fall of presidents, political movements, and hashtag YOLO. But now this particular chapter has come to an end, as our current contract with StarSat is over. We hope to be back soon, one way or another, on a platform that embraces laughing at life, but in the meantime we’re reminiscing about our time on your screens. From Zuma to Zille, Madiba to Malema, Tutu to Trump, we’ve loved bringing you the news – only better. So enjoy our trip down memory lane. Thanks to all the bloody agents who’ve worked on the show, and of course all the bloody agents who have been watching. We hope we meet again soon, but until then: make laugh, not war.

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