South Africa Spits Back (Roger Law visits ZANEWS)

By ZANEWS April 3, 2013

The co-creator of Spitting Image, Roger Law visited his bastard children ZANEWS last year and put together an amazing half-hour doccie for BBC Radio 4 on SA’s number one satirical puppet show (that’s us). He spoke to some of our voice-artists, puppeteers, writers, comedians and our very own co-creators, Thierry Cassuto and Jonathan Shapiro.  The doccie was aired on Sat 30th March and you can now listen to it here, just click on the link below.

Law was interested in how a show like ZANEWS manages to keep going in a country with such a complex political landscape and believe us, it’s not always easy, but here we can. The doccie gives great insight into how ZANEWS operates and keeps spitting back.

Listen to the full broadcast—>  here


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